How To Save Money on Cruise Bookings with Coupons

Cruise Ship Money-Saving Tips

Saving money is always a great idea. It’s very practical that the average citizen seeks to enjoy life and vacation while saving money in the process. Cruises are fairly popular today, as a result of the popularity cruise lines have had raised their prices tremendously over the years. Cruising doesn’t really have to be expensive. It’s actually one of the most affordable methods for vacationing. Cruise pricing usually includes meals and entertainment. On top of the multiple locations, you get to see when the cruise stops at every port. Prices can quickly rise when you’re when you are adding extras. Here are a few ways to help you save a little money on your travel expenses:

1. Use Travel Coupon Websites:

travel coupon websites

There’s nothing worse than booking what you think is a great deal for a cruise, only to find out from other passengers that they used a coupon code website to save $500 off their booking. So before you book, do a quick google search for your travel website of choice, whether it be: Expedia,, etc.

2. Booking while Onboard

book activities onboard

Booking your tickets for your next cruise ship while you’re on board of your current one can save you a ton of money. This is one of those tips that can actually save you money or provide a fair warning of prices that may be beyond your spending budget. There are a ton of perks that come along with booking your next cruise while being on board. You can receive beverage packages, shore excursions, gratitudes in the form of promo codes and onboard credits. If you’re visiting England, for example, you may receive a Premier Inn discount code for an overnight stay that you wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

It’s a good idea to check out other cruising prices and discount websites to compare the total amount of money that you would be paying if you decided to book your next package on board. Depending on the company that you are booking with you may actually be getting the best deal or you could be looking at a fancy layout of extra accumulated prices.

3. Using a Travel Agent.

travel agent

You may have heard that travel agents are pricey but, they are available for good reasons. The deals that are presented to you are usually available for a few extra days whereas if you are booking your own cruise you may find a deal today and by tomorrow it may have raised about $500. This is the main reason that travel agents are there helpful because they can locate and offer packages while being able to provide you with a great time frame to book as well.

4. Purchasing Gift Cards

The gift card trick is fairly new and highly successful but you have to have patience and yeah pretty much patience. So usually when you’re booking a cruise you only have to pay a deposit which is a set amount that you pay upfront. Typically the company provides you with the payment plan that also has set amounts for you to pay every so often. This flexibility gives you an opportunity to purchase gift cards at a discounted rate and using them to fund your cruise. Ultimately you are saving money while using that specific gift card towards your cruise. A couple of websites that you can locate these gift cards are at and
Not every site has your cruise ship available however if you are patient and you check back probably once a month or every couple of weeks leading up to the departure of your trip you can save hundreds of dollars using this method.

5. Booking Inside the Cabin.

By booking your room inside the cabin you can save a ton of money which is the ultimate goal, right? Well, if you book inside the cabin you typically have either a smaller room or a room with fewer amenities and it’s probably less fancy.

But, if you want to enjoy your vacation you’re probably not going to be spending a lot of time in your room, right? Often times you can receive an incentive from your cruise line for upgrading your room. So booking a cheaper room can offer dual benefits because you can save money while opening up for more opportunities for promo codes and deals.

This is another time to compare pricing. You can search online and while on the cruise ship to see if there are actual current incentives for upgrading your current room there are multiple offers for paid gratitude and onboard credits and in exchange for upgrading your stateroom. But, it’s very smart to do the math in your own time to see if the incentives are worth your while. You should also calculate the difference for the entire duration of your trip to get the most accurate numbers.


This is a sure way to save money by purchasing beverage packages. You can also purchase drinks while you are visiting the local stores when the ship stops at the different ports. Cruises usually serve non-alcoholic drinks such as tap water, coffee, tea, apple juice, orange juice and some type of fruity juice blend. And, these are included with your overall cruise price. You can find these drinks in buffets, dining rooms and in random locations throughout the ship. The great thing is that you don’t have to open your wallet or show your room key these items are usually free for all. But, if you like to drink alcoholic beverages you should purchase a beverage package, this includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. When you buy a beverage package you can basically have limitless sodas, drinks, coffees and, cappuccinos all throughout the duration of your trip. Whereas if you get an alcoholic beverage package you can save a lot of money on you your Wines & Liquors if that’s what you choose. But keep in mind that most cruise ships do allow one or two full bottles of champagne or wine per person. You should also bring your own bottle opener because cruise ships also charge a fee for that. It’s very important to consider your price ranges in packages as well.


What’s The Best Time of Year to Go on a Cruise?

Enjoying a Cruise Vacation and Saving As Much Money As Possible.

Planning a cruise trip takes time and effort. It costs a lot of money, depending on how many days the cruise will last or what the destination is, it may cost hundreds per person. There are many ways to save money while planning a cruise. Shoulder season is a travel term which means it is the best time to purchase tickets. Travel goers should plan to purchase tickets not during other seasons because it just may mean that the weather isn’t the best and tickets are over priced. Those two qualities among others are things to look for when trying to pick a time to go on a cruise.

The Shoulder Season…Depends.

The months that are most cheapest to go on a cruise depends on the location because months will defer depending on the shoulder season. To save money means there are certain things to watch out for. Prior to spending money, one of the first things that have to done is selecting a cruise destination the most popular destinations have different months that are the best months to go on a cruise because of weather or that it will bring the most satisfaction. The location during specific months bring out the best of the country.

Alaska’s Shoulder Season = May and September.

One example is Alaska. Shoulder season months is May and September. Although it is not the most popular months, which is also known as high season, May and September in Alaska is a bit warm and more cold while high season has warmer weather and less cold. The price is at a medium rate for a decent amount of comfort between high season and low season. Usually, the best time to go on a cruise is whether someone is looking for a budget friendly cruise with moderately nice weather and good proces, nice weather with a good experience that high season has to offer, or the experience that low season offers.

In low season, there are less people and the weather may be more harsh. For destinations in Alaska, it is more cold in low season.

Coupons and Deals Are Frequent For The Shoulder Seasons.

Cruise tickets go on sale frequently throughout the year, and it is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars when researching prices of cruises.

Once aboard the cruise, there are some tips to conserve money. It may be hard to stick to a budget due to the fact that there are tours of the ship to romantic French dinners being offered. The best thing to do is avoid the expensive things and to find the activities that are free. That is one thing to do to not spend extra money.

More Ways To Save Your Cash on a Cruise.

By not spending money while onboard the cruise, a person or a group can keep more money in their pockets. An example of this is to eat at the free dining venues rather than specialty restaurants. There are many free dining options like the buffet. Specialty restaurants may be a better choice so the best option could be to look for discounts to reduce the price.

Another way to save money is to look for packages that cater to a specific need. The Carnival Cruise will offer a free bottle of wine for dinner while other cruises will offer a better discount for a meal at their specialty restaurant. It mostly depends on research to save the most money.

Wait to Book a Spa Appointment Until You’re On The Cruise.

One interesting tip to cut down on spending money on the spa experience is to book a spa when the cruise offers discounts on spa treatments. Cruises could offer a discount while it is in the port so that is the best time to book a spa because spas are expensive. On board therapists may offer more beauty products after treatment. This is a sales pitch to avoid or there is risk of losing more money than intended. One unique way to avoid spending extra money is simply by looking up a spa package and to find if there are discounts for it.

Another way to conserve money for spa treatments on a cruise is to purchase small packages and combined them. Looking for the best prices on packages may be better in the long run as well as asking a sales associate about bulk purcases.

Depending on where the destination is, there are different seasons to go on a cruise that offers the best deal. Another country besides Alaska may have a high season in January, where it is cold enough to see snow. That may be when it is the best rime while others may think going to Alaska on a low season is better because it is the cheapest. While on a budget, looking for free entertainment is best while paid experiences such as spa treatments require effort to reduce the cost.

Credit Card Rewards Can Help Too.

Searching up the best package or even utilizing cash back on a credit card could be worthwhile. Prior to going on a cruise, purchasing tickets as soon as possible or right before a trip is another way to see the best deals on cruise packages as well. To conserve money while on the cruise would also mean to not spend money on everything that is attractive.